Ayushkamy Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat in Kerala South India


We offer the entire range of genuine and traditional Ayurvedic medicines & treatments in conformity with the ancient text books of Ayurveda. All treatments are under guidance of an Ayurvedic Doctor & performed by experienced therapists.

Some examples out of a wide range:

Panchakarma Therapy - This purifies ones body from toxic waste settled in due to indifferent lifestyles of the modern world.

Elakizhi reduces body pain, cramps, inflammation of joints & relaxes body muscles.

Abhyangam - A highly rejuvenating oil massage from neck to toe which tones up the skin, reduces body pain, improves circulation of blood.

Pizhichil - It helps to treat rheumatic pain, osteo arthritis, spondolitis & lower back pain.

Dhara - It rejuvenates brain & cranial nerves

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